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Are you looking for a fast, reliable and excellent Junk Car Removal service in Atlanta, Georgia? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll be paying the with cash for junk cars.

We’re the professionals at Junk Car Removal for Cash in Atlanta GA, and you can rest assured knowing that we will recycle, resell or fix up and reuse your junk car in the most eco-friendly manner, as required by Georgia state law.

It doesn’t matter if you want to sell an SUV, Sedan, or Junk Truck, you can trust us for Atlanta junk car removal!

Not only will we tow away your car for free when you sell us your junk car, we’ll also give you COOL CLEAN CASH! And really, who doesn’t like more cash for an unwanted car? When you work with us, we GUARANTEE there won’t be another company out there who will give you more cash.


If you’ve got an old vehicle that needs to be removed from your driveway, garage or yard, with no way of getting rid of it, Cash for scrap Cars Atlanta a call today or request a free quote.

Whether it runs or not, we can take the eye-sore off of your hands and free up that much-needed space. Watch as your stress drives away…

Junk Car Removal – Rather than letting that old car or truck collect rust and take up space, cash for scrap cars Atlatna will make sure it is properly disposed and recycled. Since we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured, you can relax while we handle every phase of the vehicle removal.

Plus, once we’ve removed the car or truck, you can count on Cash for scrap Cars Atlanta to properly dispose of every last piece of the vehicle in the most eco-friendly way possible.

We’ll go out of our way to ensure that the car or truck is responsibly recycled and will do our absolute best to avoid using a landfill.

Junk Cars For Cash Atlanta Towing

Why Use Us

One of the many benefits to using our junk car service is that you get a ton of cash in exchange for your car. Some reasons you might want to consider for getting rid of your junk car or junk truck are:

  • ridding your neighborhood of an eyesore

  • avoiding fines from your municipality for having an old or damaged vehicle on your property

  • freeing up valuable space on your property or in your garage or carport

  • disposing of an environmental problem that leaks hazardous fluids such as antifreeze or oil that could endanger your health or the health of your neighbor’s children or pets.

Additionally, there are also countless situations that have made getting cash for a broken down car the best possible scenario for getting rid of an unwanted motor vehicle. You might be:

  • Faced with a daunting auto repair bill that is going to cost you more than what your car is worth

  • Stuck with a junk car that was recently in an accident and was all but totaled and you just simply need to buy another car

  • You may have been burned buying your car from a non-ethical car dealer or private seller and that car turned out to be a lemon

So if you’re tired of looking at your undriveable car, you’re faced with a bad financial situation or if you just want to make a little extra money when you need it the most, we’ll give you the most cash for junk cars in Atlanta, guaranteed!

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